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Achieve Peace from Within

Organizational Consulting

Organizational Conflict Questions that Will be Addressed:

How do you know that you have disgruntled employees?
What is your organizations doing to lift morale?
What are some difficult personalities that are being dealt with in the workplace?
How can a consultant make for a brighter future in the workplace?
  • Consulting organizations, companies that have disgruntled departments
  • Offer trainings and seminars to organizations and companies
  • Suggest techniques for resolving workplace conflict
  • Creating a more collaborative workplace environment


  • To conduct a needs assessment 
  • Identify the problem(s)
  • Brainstorm ideas and suggestions in which to develop possible solutions
  • Evaluate solutions
  • Demonstrate solutions and implementation
  • Re-evaluate the effectiveness



  • Consulting: $150.00/Per Hour
  • Training per 1 hour with added materials: $350.00
  • Training per 3 hours: $500.000
  • Can work as a part time consultant in an organization setting, rates negotiable
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